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Value added glass products in Bulawayo and surrounding areas, Zimbabwe.


Our customer service consultants work tirelessly to ensure each client has a exclusive customer service experience. We function with the highest professionalism and dedication. We provide professional, quick, reasonable and affordable quotations on call for FREE and encourage customer participation in every detail of the project. We are dedicated to delivering only the finest services to the best of abilities.


Glass Installation

Glass installation is a skill that requires years of experience to carry out this type of work. Glass can be installed in a wide variety of applications including windows, doors, shopfronts, mirrors, splashbacks and many other situations in homes and businesses. A trained professional is required to carry out glass installation to ensure the glass is installed safely and securely. Visual Reflections' glaziers are fully qualified to handle all types of glazing in both domestic and commercial premises.


For your next commercial glazing project, count on the experience and dependability of Visual Reflections. We will work with you to find the optimal glass service solution for your project. From the installation of glass handrails and storefront systems, we’ll get it done right – on time, on schedule and on budget.

Glass Replacement

Having your glass replaced is not an every day occurrence and can be a daunting process however the main priority for most people is to find a glazier who offers a fast and reliable service. By choosing Visual Reflections you can be assured that our professional team can solve any problem associated with broken glass.

Glass Cutting

Glass can be cut into a wide range of shapes and sizes including squares, circles, ovals, curves and other complex shapes for special application. Cutting glass is a skill that requires many hours of training and practice to carry out successful and accurate cutting. At Visual Reflections our staff are fully qualified glaziers who have acquired these skills to perform precise cutting to meet the requirements of any project. It is always recommended that a trained professional carry out glass cutting as small imperfections in cuts can cause the glass to break at any time.


Windows Replacement

Window replacement can be required in many situations including replacement of broken or scratched glass, changing the style of glass or even to upgrade to safety glass. Visual Reflections offer a fast and reliable window glass replacement service throughout Bulawayo for either domestic or commercial premises. Many window replacements are required as soon as possible because they present a danger or security risk, therefore our emergency glass service is required to resolve these situations. A specially deigned fleet of custom glass carrying vehicles, which are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, ensures your job can be completed in the fastest possible time to minimize any inconvenience.

Windows Repair

Broken window glass can present a danger, a security risk or just be unsightly in your home or business. The best solution is to have your glass replaced as soon as possible to eliminate any of these problems. As glass experts Visual Reflections offers a fast and reliable mobile glass repair service. There are many different types of windows ranging from small colonial style domestic windows through to large glass panels in commercial buildings. Our factories stock most types of glass which enables us to provide a same day or next day service in most of these situations.

Burglars Guards & Security

With the rising rate of burglary in Bulawayo and surrounding areas, we came up with a solution that can prevent theft and break-ins in your home or business. Our Burglar Guards are a cost-effective security solution designed to help protect windows of all sizes and configurations. They are custom measured, designed and manufactured and are available in a choice of different styles. These burglar guards for windows are suitable for both home and commercial security applications. They are manufactured from electro-galvanised steel and are professionally fitted to either the window frame or the wall by our expert staff.

Alumunium Windows

Aluminium windows are one of the most popular types of windows used in the Zimbabwe housing industry. They are available in many styles including fixtures, sliding, double hung, awning and casement windows. Due to the wide range of aluminium windows that are available it is necessary to have your glass repalced by a fully qualified glazier who is familiar with both old and new designs. Visual Reflections' glaziers regularly work on all the major window manufacturerers glazing systems therefore this guarantees your glass will be replaced to its original state. Being closely aligned with the window manufacturing industry Visual Reflection is up to date with all developments and new technologies, which influence the way glass is installed in today's modern window frames.


Decorative Mirrors

Besides the basic function of mirrors to provide reflection, many interior designers have discovered the value of including decorative mirrors in their designs. Decorative mirrors will give an illusion of space, which can instantly add value to any property. Traditional areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms require mirrors, however mirrors can be used in many other creative ways. The perfect decorative mirror becomes a feature of your room and blends seamlessly into its surroundings. The majority of our decorative mirrors are of frame-less design and provide an unobtrusive installation, which will complement your home or business.

Bath Mirrors

Apart from being an essential inclusion in any bathroom a mirror can offer more than a simple reflection. Mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes that will fit into the design of any bathroom and provide a feature that will complete your room. Custom made Visual Reflections mirrors provide the most impact by transforming your bathroom into a beautiful and elegant space. In keeping with current design trends a majority of our mirrors are completely frame-less, which contributes to the illusion of space in any application.

Wall Mirrors

The addition of a wall mirror will add an extra element to any contemporary space and create a roomy and stylish area, whilst complimenting any home or business. At Visual Reflections we manufacture wall mirrors in various sizes and shapes to meet your design requirements and offer professional advice for any application. All mirrors are made from the highest quality materials available in the South African market and are processed with the latest glass machinery to produce faultless mirrors. A majority of Visual Reflections' mirrors are frame-less designs that have a seamless appearance that blends into most modern premises.

Home Mirrors

Traditional mirrors were used in homes to serve a purpose of providing a reflection in bathrooms and bedrooms, however interior designers have taken the use of home mirrors to a new level. A home mirror is something that we use at least once or twice every single day but the inclusion of a strategically placed mirror can offer much more than this basic function. Mirrors have become a decorative addition that enhances the beauty of your home by creating a feeling of space and elegance.

Aluminium Doors

Visual Reflections manufactures and installs most types of Sliding / Patio doors.

  • Visual Reflections Sliding doors represents a new generation of aluminium sliding doors.
  • Doors with contemporary aesthetic appeal.
  • The unique design of the frame joints positively assist in achieving squareness, rigidity and waterproofing.
  • Double woolpile sealing of moving surfaces ensures smooth operation, while keeping dust, draft and rain where they belong – outside!
  • Visual Reflections Doors truly represents value for money with an aesthetic advantage.

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